Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Winter Awards

Yes! It's that time again! It's officially winter and it's time to give you my winter picks! So get comfy! :)

Season's Soundtrack: Fantasia 2000

Season's Flavor: Chocolate Mint (7 Layer BarsChocolate Mint CheesecakeChocolate Mint Oreo CupcakesChocolate Crepes with Mint Filling)

Season's Book: The Well of Tears: The Dream Stewards

Season's Tea: Peppermint... with cream and sugar only in very desperate times

Season's Shoes: Fuzzy Boots

Season's Movie Genre: Again... a TV series... Downton Abbey

After some thought, I've decided that winter is the best time to be in love. It is a time of snowball fights, warm hugs, fuzzy blankets, frothy marshmallows, trying to hold hands while wearing gloves, pretty sunrises and of course, my birthday! :)

You are loved so stay happy!

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