Casey is the author of The Sunshine Hill Chronicle. She works as a freelance editor for Homedit and as the administrative assistant for Living Streams Community Church. Casey married Carl in 2012 and they currently live in a fixer upper in a little town, close to family and friends. 

Some of the things Casey enjoys: iced coffee, lipstick, cooking, redecorating her home, candles, the company of her husband, reading books, houseplants, her cat, going to places she's never been, Fall, period dramas, Christmas, date nights, pink, essential oils, getting letters in the mail, Jane Austen, clear blue skies, writing for this blog.

The Sunshine Hill Chronicle is a lifestyle blog. You'll find recipes, music, date nights and other various pieces of Casey's life here. We hope you'll be inspired to make your life a sunshiny place to be!

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