Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. Navy Walls: I've been going over and over what I want to paint our family room in the new house and then I came across this picture. Navy has been super growing on me and though I don't think I'd paint the whole room that color, I definitely want to find a way to incorporate it! So bold!

2. Water for Elephants: I just started this book this week and it grabbed me. I've heard people say that it's an awesome summer book and I enjoyed the movie, so I'm trying to save most of it for next week's Michigan vacation.

3. Striped Shirt: Here's another thing that's growing on me. Stripes! I told you about the dress I bought that I adore and since then, I'm hooked. They're so classic!

4. Iced coffee: I adore coffee. My morning is just not complete without it. And when summertime comes, I can break out the iced coffee which is even better! I'm still working on my homemade concoction. :)

5. Succulent Planter: How amazing is this muffin tin planter??? I've been loving this for probably at least a year and I've had the thrifted muffin tin on standby for ages. Maybe now that we have a house, this project will finally get done!

6. Girly Desk Space: Now that we have a house, I've got a little desk space of my own. It's not very styled yet but I've found lots of inspiration that I love! Bright colors and hints of gold and/or rose gold.

7. Breakfast Cake: Because what's better than cake for breakfast? I've mastered my signature Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake and now I'm trying to expand. I plan on having my guest room occupied quite often!

8. Bronzer: After reading this post on A Cup Of Jo, I decided to take a chance and try out some bronzer. Long story short, it was a great decision. I love how it brightens up my usually pale face!

9. The Lumineers: I call it my summertime music. It's lazy and mellow and just plain wonderful! 

10. Husband: This pretty much says it all. 

Bonus: I LOVE my kitty!!! He's so adorable!

What kinds of things are you loving right now? I wanna know!

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  1. What am I loving at the moment...=) check it out!