Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Perfect Job

I realized yesterday that I have one of the most interesting jobs in the world... and I've never blogged about it! So, today's post is about my wonderful job! I am a nanny. I like to compare myself to Mary Poppins, Nanny McPhee and Fraulein Maria. I have two little girls to look after, two year old Little Bird and four month old Baby Bird, and they are so sweet! I watch them four days a week, all day long. And okay, I don't really like the early morning hour but once I get to work, its much better. :)

Okay, so what I do all day. We color, play tea party, read books about waltzing rinos and are always on the lookout for tickle bugs. We take walks when it's warm and go puddle jumping after it rains. We have picnics in the shade and dump puzzles out and put them back together hundreds of times. We make play-doh snakes and paint "flowers" and dance very silly. We snuggle and chase balls and butterflies and make cupcakes. Oh, and we sing! Here is our daily playlist:
The Johnny Appleseed Song (just the first verse)
Deep and Wide
You Sing a Song
Mr. Golden Sun
Robin in the Rain
Jesus Loves Me
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Jingle Bells

Being two, Little Bird is learning so many things right now and she is so curious! She knows her colors, even though she pretends not to sometimes.
"What color is the sky?"
...... "Green!"
She knows some of her letters, especially the first letter of her name.... although sometimes every letter in the alphabet is the first letter of her name. ;) She knows her basic shapes and enjoys bringing me a toy and telling me which shape it is. When she counts without help it's always "Three four three four!" She can go up to twelve with help. She knows most of the words to the songs listed above and will mesh the parts she knows into one big long song (I get very lost when I try to sing along). We are also working on Psalm 23 and are up to verse 4. She knows the motions that go along with the verses and can say it by herself although she prefers to be silly in front of mommy and daddy. I also hear "Why?" and "Whas dat?" a million times a day. :)

Speaking of what I hear, there are so many adorable things she says!
"I pincess!"
"My faborite!"
"Petty pwease?"
"I wike it!"
"Doin' Casey?"
"My beat heart hurts."
"I sowwy! My fault!"
"Wead books?"
"Thank werwy much!"
"Cartoons pwease?"
"Super siwy!"
"Lub you Casey!"

She also thinks very carefully about what she will say to me each morning. Usually, it's "Pincess dress on?" Sometimes its "I miss you!" And the other day, it was "Socks on tomowwow okay?" Yes, sometimes it's out there. :)

Baby Bird is only four months and such a good baby! She greets me with smiles every morning when I get her out of bed and smiles and talks to me all day long. She also loves watching big sister in whatever Little Bird happens to be doing. And lately, she's starting squealing in a very high pitch that sometimes makes my ears bleed.... but at least she's happy right? ;)

And just so you know, we do have our bad days. Sometimes Little Bird wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Sometimes I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. Sometimes Baby Bird doesn't feel well and cries unless I hold her. So every day isn't perfect, but nonetheless, I wouldn't trade this job for the world!

And that's what I do during the week! :) What other job do you get to read about dancing rinos?!

You are loved so stay happy!

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  1. Casey,
    What a charming post on this most preparatory of times :) You have me 'seeing' you all spread out on the floor putting those puzzles (one at a time, I hope!) back together again! May I suggest Steve Green's Hide'Em In your Heart for the children. May be that those songs will be the start of loving to memorize and live out the bible! Oh, bless you, dear one.
    Thank you for this.
    BTW and FYI, you can link-up this very sweet and encouraging post on my blog if you're lead (Wed) and get some readers if someone clicks on the thumbnail :)